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Located near the historic commercial center in Chicago, Illinois, the high-rise at 300 North LaSalle is a showpiece of urban architecture, state-of-the-art technology and eco-efficiency.


The 60-story office tower fits so elegantly into its environment that it’s hard to imagine the city didn’t grow around it. In fact, the tower opened for occupancy as recently as March 2009. Bordered on three sides by a river, a bridge and a public thoroughfare, the building site presented more than its share of logistical challenges

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Building facts

  • Completed: 2009
  • Floors: 60
  • Contractor: Clark Construction Group

KONE solutions

  • 24 KONE EcoSystem™ passenger elevators
  • 2 KONE EcoSystem™ service elevators
  • 3 KONE MonoSpace® passenger elevators
  • 1 hydraulic passenger elevator
  • 2 KONE ECO3000™ escalators
  • KONE Care™ Maintenance Service
  • To meet an aggressive construction schedule
  • To deliver an energy-efficient system in a 60-story office tower
  • To enable smooth and efficient people flow in a compact area
  • Broad-based collaboration in a customer-centered approach
  • Banks of elevators that channel traffic and avoid congestion
  • Custom-engineered components designed to deliver ride comfort


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